PIONICON and Creative Minds LLC signs a partnership agreement for “Si Juki”, the largest IP in Indonesia

An Indonesian content production company, PT Pionir Cipta Indonesia (PIONICON) and Japan based Brand Licensing, Consulting company Creative Minds LLC signed a partnership agreement on May 22, 2023 for “Si Juki”, the largest IP in Indonesia.

The two companies will work together towards the ultimate goal of creating Japan Version Si Juki, whilst also utilizing Creative Minds’ ability of “Tourism Brand Licensing” which enhances brand visibility and bond between Japan and Indonesia. Creative Minds plans to set up collaboration with Japanese IPs, create comics with Japan-related content, produce promotional videos, and to develop pop-up events during the process.

About “Si Juki”
Starting as a sketch in 2010 and first introduced in the comic magazine “Ngampus!!! Buka-bukaan Aib Mahasiswa”, more than 65 volumes of the “Si Juki” comic has been released by 5 Indonesian publishers to date, and has received “Global Popularity Award 2015” from Naver LINE Webtoon in Korea with over 230 million views over Indonesian Webtoon.
Animated film “Si Juki the movie” holds the box office record for Indonesian animated films, and the TV series runs on Disney+ Indonesia.

“Si Juki” has become the largest intellectual property (IP) in Indonesia with a large social media following, and a large range of licensed products. In addition, the IP has built trust and has a good standing with brands, media, and the government. Brand collaboration includes Microsoft’s Windows 11 and MANULIFE, the government collaboration includes the Indonesian capital relocation project, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Industry to name a few.

President of PIONICON Faza Meonk (Mr) commented;
I’m so excited to have a journey with Creative Minds LLC., to explore creativity in Si Juki IP.
I hope Japanese audiences will support and enjoy Juki!
Since I’m a big fan of Japanese manga and anime since I was kid, I’m so happy with this partnership!

President of Creative Minds LLC Ikuko Kogiso (Ms) commented;
We are very happy to be representing “Si Juki”, a character that holds the same unique, creative and critical thinking mentality as our company holds. As Japan and Indonesia celebrate the 65th diplomatic relationship this year, we are sure that this partnership will be a key part of resembling such strong bonds.

PT Pionir Cipta Indonesia (PIONICON) is the pioneer of Indonesian IP character based business development, which has transformed IP into business in varying media such as comics, movie, TVC, MV, animations, merchandises licensing and other collaborations.

Creative Minds LLC., is an international business development, consulting, brand and program licensing company and producer that fully utilizes its international connection, creativity and communication skills. Company’s current focus is exposing brands in a unique way such as “travel licensing” “Cross border collaborations” and “formatted offline event business model”. Most recent Creative development includes production of “Fly With Yaya”, “Kiko in Tohoku Japan”.


“Si Juki”: https://sijuki.com/
Creative Minds: https://creativeminds.jp/
Pionicon: https://pionicon.com/public/landing

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